Firm Profile

Tax services can mean different things to different people. Our firm maintains associations with some of the best tax auditors/investigators to retire from the Internal Revenue Service. Each one of our associates has spent at least 20 years of service performing tax audits and/or criminal investigations on behalf of the United States government. These auditors did audit work day in and day out for a living. These professional auditors know the United States federal taxation system better than anyone who has been in this business for that length of time. Many of our associates hold advanced degrees and are Certified Fraud Examiners. We are available to minimize your tax liabilities through tax planning and tax return preparation.

Should you ever receive an audit letter from the Internal Revenue Service; wouldn’t you feel great comfort knowing you have a team of tax experts representing you? Employ our firm to represent you before the IRS every step of the way. Let us do your worrying for you. Not many people know this, but IRS agents must also give refunds to taxpayers if the right circumstances exist. I know this is true because when I was an IRS auditor I gave some tax refunds to taxpayers I audited if it was justified. Our firm not only handles federal tax audits, but also state and local audits as well. Please call us at 734-453-1700 to discuss your particular tax situation.


Tax Services


  1. Our Enrolled Agents represent taxpayers before federal, state, and local tax authorities.
  2. Tax return preparation and tax planning services available for individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates, trusts, and other tax matters. Amended tax returns prepared if necessary.
  3. We provide litigation support in both civil and/or criminal tax matters. Most of our associates have federal grand jury experience relating to tax issues.
  4. We can provide advice and tax return preparation services for delinquent return filers.